Second inventory addition in 2019

On 6 November the second big addition to the inventory for 2019 was published on ZEDHIA. The new books include 18th and 19th century trading calendars and house layouts, 1903 and 1908 central register editions and printed copies of the Export Compass, Saling’s securities and the financial yearbook.

The oldest book in ZEDHIA’s current inventory is now the Calendar of the merchant profession in Vienna from 1789 which contains a lot of information and names of Viennese merchants at that time. 

The new books provide an addition not only to the time frame of the online archive but also to its spatial and content framework. The printed volumes of the central register from 1903 and 1908 also contain information about small business owners in all states of the Austrian half of the empire.

New additions to ZEDHIA’s inventory are also planned for 2020 which will substantially increase the geographic coverage of the online archive.

You can find the updated bibliography of the entire ZEDHIA inventory here.