Information resources

The Compass Verlag publications constitute the basis of ZEDHIA's contents. The online data base makes 28.543 individual volumes available with a total of more than 1.3 million pages of research material on Europe's history of business and economy as well as genealogy. 

  • The various editions of The Compass, such as the Financial, Person, Industry, Trade as well as Services and Authorities Compass cover the period from 1868 through 2003 and comprise over 600 volumes. In addition to extensive information on Austria's business enterprises, it offers also a complete summary of the situation of Austria's public finances dating back to 1868. Apart from that, it contains historic data on business and economy of the former member countries of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy between 1868 and 1945. The Person Compass offers last not least important information on Central European genealogy.
  •  The "Central Journal for Registrations in the Austrian Commercial Register (later known as:  Companies Register), with the official supplier register attached to it" has been published by the Compass Verlag from 1902 through 2001, providing over 140 volumes of complete in-depth company and person data contained in the Compass. All corporate law relevant events such as foundation, appointment of directors and Prokurist officers, transformations, liquidations, etc. are available in the Central Journal.
  • Der Tresor was a business weekly which was published between 1872 and 1919.  The publication was originally intended as a weekly supplement for the Compass but very quickly developed a life of its own with lively content. The reporting focused on Austro-Hungarian stock companies and government securities. There were regular and highly detailed financial, statistical and economic analyses as well as in-depth reports on economic and political developments in Austria-Hungary and around the world.
  • The Amtsblatt (Official Gazette) zur Wiener Zeitung was published from 1812 on as a supplement to the regular daily or later morning edition of the newspaper. The official gazette served for the public promulgation of all laws and regulations of the state administration, all decrees of the Lower Austrian provincial government, all administrative and judicial news. In 1867 the Official Gazette was merged with the Central-Anzeiger für Handel und Gewerbe, which before that was published for some years as an independent supplement of the Wiener Zeitung.

A list of all ZEDHIA publications with all bibliographic data is available here.

ZEDHIA considers the Compass Verlag publications, however, to be only the basis of an online archive which will keep growing over the years to come. In future stages, ZEDHIA will be gradually enlarged with additional information material relevant for business and society of the countries of Central Europe.