The biggest inventory expansion yet: The German Imperial Gazette (Deutscher Reichsanzeiger)

The biggest inventory expansion since the start of ZEDHIA was published on 18 April: the German Imperial Gazette (Deutscher Reichsanzeiger) and Prussian State Gazette (Preussischer Staatsanzeiger).

The history of the newspaper goes back to its first issue on the 2 January 1819 via several forerunners with different titles, both in the German Reich and in Prussia. With the German Imperial Gazette (Deutscher Reichsanzeiger), the inventory of ZEDHIA has now grown by 127 years of the newspaper with currently 38,182 issues, comprising a total of more than 700,000 individual pages.

The Imperial Gazette (Reichsanzeiger), which can be considered as the German equivalent to the official gazette to the Wiener Zeitung (Amtsblatt zur Wiener Zeitung) in Austria and regularly published company data, such as, for example, bankruptcy notices, expands the volume of data and coverage for the German states in ZEDHIA quite considerably. Thus, ZEDHIA now makes it possible to perform a highly efficient free-text search beyond the national borders of the time in German-speaking Central Europe. 

You can find the updated bibliography of the entire ZEDHIA inventory here.