Latest News

A new search function in ZEDHIA

11. June 2019

We activated quick search as a new function in ZEDHIA on 11 June 2019. ...  more

Extension with a focus on Upper Austria

17. April 2019

We published new documents, which mainly provide company and personal data about the state of Upper Austria, on ZEDHIA on 17.04.2019. ...  more

Working with the Reference Book

5. April 2019

We began working with the Reference Book (Findbuch) and the National Fund for Victims of National Socialism on 5 April 2019. ...  more

ZEDHIA: It is now easier to share content and search results

31. January 2019

On 31.01.2019, we installed the first part of new release version 1.05, which introduced some new functions, as well as some additions to and extensions of our collection, and some bug fixes. ...  more

Completion of previously missing issues of the Official Gazette (Amtsblatt) and the Central Advertiser (Centralanzeiger)

31. January 2019

Although our first publication of the Official Gazette attached to the Wiener Zeitung on ZEDHIA was relatively complete, some issues and individual pages were missing. ...  more

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