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Insights into and figures from the new publication of the German Imperial Gazette (Deutscher Reichsanzeiger)

5. June 2023

The new publication in ZEDHIA, the German Imperial Gazette (Deutscher Reichsanzeiger), with its forerunners such as the Prussian State Gazette (Preussischer Staatsanzeiger), was published from 1819 to 1945 and offers a wealth of data for researching German economic history in more than 38,000 issues. ...  more

New blog post – Krupp-Gussstahl parts 1 & 2

25. May 2023

Exciting and informative reports on the company Krupp-Gussstahl up to the year 1880 are presented in two parts in the latest blog posts. ...  more

The biggest inventory expansion yet: The German Imperial Gazette (Deutscher Reichsanzeiger)

18. April 2023

The biggest inventory expansion since the start of ZEDHIA was published on 18 April: the German Imperial Gazette (Deutscher Reichsanzeiger) and Prussian State Gazette (Preussischer Staatsanzeiger). ...  more

Planned addition to the inventory for 2020

10. December 2019

We are glad to be able to announce a large addition to our inventory for 2020: Compass Verlag is planning to publish the German Imperial Gazette (Deutscher Reichsanzeiger) on ZEDHIA in the coming year. The preparatory work is planned to start at the beginning of the new year. ...  more

New blog article – Josef Anger & Sons

13. November 2019

For many decades, the Josef Anger & Sons machine factory and iron foundry was one of the most important employers and an important industrial company in Hernals, a suburb of Vienna that later became a district of the city. ...  more

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