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Expansion of the collection (Official Gazette, Central Land Cadastre, Property Cadastre)

27. February 2018

The collection was further expanded in February 2018 at the occasion of the new release of ZEDHIA version 1.03. 90 volumes of the Wiener Zeitung Official Gazette (Amtsblatt, 1812-1902) were added to the collection on the portal. ...  more

Anniversary publication: Compass – 150 Years of Austrian Economic History

5. October 2017

The publication created for the 150th anniversary, Der Compass – 150 Jahre österreichische Wirtschaftsgeschichte (“Compass – 150 years of Austrian Economic History”), was presented for the first time during the gala on 5 October. ...  more

Compass celebrates its 150 years of existence

5. October 2017

It took place on 5 October: customers, business partners, stakeholders and friends of the company congratulated both managing directors, Nikolaus Futter and Hermann Futter, during the gala held in the Sofiensälen. ...  more

ZEDHIA video tutorials and helpful links

3. October 2017

The ZEDHIA video tutorials were published online on 3 October and are now available via a direct link on our homepage or in a playlist on our YouTube channel. ...  more

ZEDHIA at the annual meeting of the Social Policy Association and the 33rd Bibliothekartag (Austrian Librarians Conference)

18. September 2017

Compass, together with ZEDHIA, participated in the annual meeting of the Social Policy Association from 3 to 6 September in Vienna. ...  more

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