What is ZEDHIA?

The ZEDHIA online platform brings historic events into the present time, making historic information available on businesses and the economy in Austria and Central Europe, dated as far back as 1789.

ZEDHIA is an interactive online data base available for access to the public and permitting comprehensive historic research. This online platform makes digitalized full text and in depth structured information resources available on the history of Central Europe's business and economy as well as on Central European genealogy. In addition, the 28.543 volumes and 1.3 million pages of the publications comprised in ZEDHIA register the history of Austrian business from 1789 through 2003 practically without any gaps - available via simple mouse click, everywhere and at any time.

ZEDHIA's advantages at a glance:

  • online access to roughly 2 TB of data from Central Europe's history of business and economy, equivalent to more than 1.3 million single pdf pages
  • full text search on and in all publications
  • in-depth structuring covering comprehensive meta data, faceting possibilities and advanced search options
  • multilingual menu navigation
  • innovative display with adjustable zoom

And many other facilities. 

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1 Information on Austrian business companies over the last 20 years is available on the platform www.compass.at.